Лирика Smashing Pumpkins

Лирика Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot

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Альбом - Сборник: Pisces Iscariot 1 - Soothe
2 - Frail and Bedazzled
3 - Plume
4 - Whir
5 - Blew Away
6 - Pissant
7 - Hello Kitty Kat
8 - Obscured
9 - Landslide
10 - Starla
11 - Blue
12 - Girl Named Sandoz
13 - La Dolly Vita
14 - Spaced

Girl Named Sandoz

Well i met a girl called Sandoz
And she taught me many many things
Good things, very good things
Sweet things

I met her on a sunday morning
It was hot though the snow lay on the ground
Strange things, very strange things
My mind has wings

Sandoz Sandoz
Will you tell me no?
Sandoz Sandoz
Will you tell me why?
We could all learn something from your mind, yeah

She is very old yet many think she's young
One kiss from her and you know your time has come
Good times, for all time

Songwriter: Eric Burdon & John Weider