Лирика Smashing Pumpkins

Лирика Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot

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Альбом - Сборник: Pisces Iscariot 1 - Soothe
2 - Frail and Bedazzled
3 - Plume
4 - Whir
5 - Blew Away
6 - Pissant
7 - Hello Kitty Kat
8 - Obscured
9 - Landslide
10 - Starla
11 - Blue
12 - Girl Named Sandoz
13 - La Dolly Vita
14 - Spaced


Hey blue, all your love is strange
Come out with all those crazy names
So true when you lie
For you, blue

Right or wrong
I belong
Right or wrong

Hey blue, where'd you run to now?
Miss you since they found you out
I've been waiting such a long time
For your smile, for you

I lay with you this velvet morning
Stay with me for a while
Where we run to is up to you
Just stay with me for a while

Songwriter: Billy Corgan